Empower your Brand with financial services

Using a state-of-the-art Banking-as-a-Service platform that transform the way we see banking, how financial services are used and making it a product for the future

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Brands know their customers
Great customer journeys are integrated
The future of banking is digital

Our platform


As a Brand you will be able to increase revenues on your existing businesses by offering financial services. No need for expensive bank partnerships and complicated technical integrations, just one API.


Baase offers the technical solution where Brands can choose multiple providers to bring best-in-class capabilities to the end customer. Modules to “pick and mix” to meet their and their customers needs.


As a Bank you can acquire new customers, no upfront admin or technological burden and no onboarding costs. One API will open the door to multiple customer acquisition channels.

Our vision is to redesign the customer experience of banking

By making it frictionless, available and secure through technology

Baase was founded in 2020 by a number of repeat FinTech entrepreneurs who believe that banking as we know it is changing due to new technology, regulatory changes and rising customer demands. To be able to meet this new banking landscape there needs to be enabling technology that can navigate the regulatory landscape while meeting customer needs. That’s why Baase offers an integrated, modularized API-platform. The Baase platform empowers brands with financial services and connects banks with new customers.

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